As Good As Grass Editor: Synthetic grass is a shrewd investment and there are several ways it can benefit your garden. Consider the advantages whilst adding value to your home.

Synthetic grass is becoming ever more popular with organisations and individuals alike and it’s not hard to see why. Technological advances have resulted in artificial grass becoming increasingly indistinguishable from the real thing but that isn’t the only advantage of faking it. Here’s how synthetic grass could work for you.

1. No growing issues: If you live in an arid environment or want to create a garden in an area which receives little natural light, then synthetic grass in the perfect solution. It can be used to create a lush, green effect in places where natural grass simply won’t grow, making it ideal for problem locations.

2. Hardiness: Artificial grass has enjoyed particular popularity in the world of sport, largely because it delivers a durable, highly usable surface. Unlike the real thing it does not easily wear out or damage, making it the material of choice in sporting arenas. It also performs well in wet conditions so facilities can be used regularly year-round.

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3. Low maintenance: One of the great benefits of synthetic grass is that it requires little or no maintenance. Forget mowing, re-seeding or weeding – your lawn will look naturally perfect whatever the season. If you’re short on time or are not physically capable of maintaining a garden then this is the perfect solution.

4. Environmentally friendly: You might expect natural grass to be better for the environment but in fact this isn’t always the case. During the summer a natural lawn will need regular and intensive watering to keep it looking green. Conversely, synthetic grass provides a superior lawn surface even in hot, dry conditions without the need to water. Artificial grass also eliminates the need for pesticides and weed killers, which conserves local wildlife.

5. Cost: There’s no denying that an artificial lawn will require an initial outlay so if you’re keen to reap the many benefits then it could be a good idea to open a dedicated account with a reputable bank such as Alliance & Leicester, who offer a range of options for savings. However, once your lawn is laid you should find that the savings are numerous. With no need for watering, reseeding, mowing or other maintenance, the cost of keeping your garden looking great should drop significantly – making artificial grass a good investment as well as a lifestyle choice.