We offer shock pads to cover critical fall height regulations. For commercial installations that require a shock pad,
please view the price chart.

* Price is per sq metre and excluding vat

* Rolls are generally supplied in 4m or 2m widths by a set length. Sheets are 0.9m x 2.25m.
* You can select any synthetic grass surface over your chosen shockpad.
* Shockpads can be installed on aggregate or hard bases.
* For proffessional advice please call the office on 0161 207 3007

Shock Pad Underlay (25mm / 45mm)

Shock Pad  Shock pad safety flooring

Shock Pad With Grass Cover

Shockpad playground flooring  Shock Pad with grass

Airlastic Layer & Leisure Pad

Airlastic  Leisure shock padding

25mm Shockpad with Drainage Lines

Monster shock padding and surface drainage

The shock pads shown here are often used for children’s playground flooring, sports and leisure.
If you are interested in safety flooring then please call the office to discuss your requirements.