Artificial grass is becoming a popular garden flooring product thanks to recent improvements in turf technology. Synthetic outdoor flooring is realistic, durable, non-abrasive, green all year round and requires no maintenance. Before investing in some new garden flooring, ensure you have considered what artificial grass has to offer.

Artificial Grass Flooring

Stop mowing, stay green, let pets run wild and kids play safe with artificial grass flooring for all applications. View our product pages to learn about the complete range of synthetic garden flooring. Free artificial grass samples are also available via the contact page before you buy.

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Alternative Outdoor Garden Flooring

Decking, tarmac, chippings and concrete patios are all useful in their own right. However, many gardeners say there is no substitute outdoor flooring for a lush grass lawn. If you want the benefits of consistent quality grass with mininmal effort, our garden flooring products are for you. Many landscapers have commented on the realism of our artificial grass, which has multiple colour tones and varying blade lengths. From a distance, many are unable to distinguish between fake grass garden flooring and a real garden lawn.

Weather Warnings

Adverse weather conditions are making real grass a thing of the past in some urban areas. Summer 2006 saw a hosepipe ban and this year brought flooding conditions. Artificial grass provides you with a safe garden flooring choice along with many other benefits. For more outdoor and garden flooring news, consider reading our artificial grass garden news.