Before: Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio
Concrete patios or slabs can be covered with astro turf. Our client disliked the grey balcony flooring and wanted to brighten up the area. Thanks to the adhesive products we use, they allow you to permanently install artificial grass to any hard surface. Concrete is actually an ideal base for artificial grass and will improve outdoor appearances will very little effort.


After: Artificial Turf on Concrete

Artificial Turf
This London Balcony looks brilliant in the sunshine with artificial turf. It’s been completely transformed from the dull grey looking concrete slabs. The significant contrast is due to brighter colours reflecting more light. Therefore, the illusion of a more radiant outdoor space can be achieved by covering dull concrete with artificial turf.

Decking Cover

Before: Original Decking

Original Decking
Decking often becomes weathered over time and in need of repair. You can prevent this by the application of a protective surface cover. Even if your decking has already incurred damage, a cover can prevent further harm.

Artificial grass on decking is an effective solution and will also improve the aesthetics of your porch or garden flooring. You are sure to impress neighbours with this new and original decking style!


Artificial Grass Decking Cover

Artificial Grass Decking Cover
You will notice a complete transformation in your outdoor flooring. Instead of a hard surface exposed to the weather, you now have the benefits of a soft and colourful artificial grass on your decking.

Call the office with your decking measurements and we will provide a quote to cover it with this synthetic lawn alternative.