Creating an artificial lawn, especially to the highest standards, requires careful planning and preparation. Ensuring that you have a level and smooth surface for the installation in short means there simply aren’t any shortcuts. When artificial grass is installed to our standards and approved methods a seven-year warranty is issued for your peace of mind.

When commissioned to install artificial or fake grass, we ensure the highest grade materials are used. Each job is unique and several key factors affect what products are used. For instance we take into consideration the following:

  • Ground stabilisation
  • Drainage requirements
  • Access
  • Creative edge finish
  • Artificial grass softness
  • Wear and tear – children, pets, sports and events
  • Security and durability

Our primary concern is for the customer’s specific requirements and needs. The installation department at As Good As Grass offers the highest quality service to suit your individual needs with a seven year warranty.

We hope you enjoy our artificial grass installation videos below.

As Good As Grass – CHAS Accredited Contractor

chas contractors health and safetyCHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK. As Good As Grass are proud to announce passing the CHAS assessment in April 2011 after a dedicated effort to improve the following aspects of the business:

  1. Health and safety policies, procedures and statements.
  2. Our internal and external organisation for safety management.
  3. Specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our customers.

Professional Installation of Artificial Grass

the artificial grass company

We have years of experience installing artificial grass, synthetic lawns and play areas in a huge variety of environments for uses of all kinds. This includes technical issues such as the sub base, laying and seaming.


Due to the nature of installing artificial grass and issues that can arise that have a detrimental affect on the finish, it is always advised to utilise a professional installer who can provide a sub base, form and finish, backed with a guarantee.

Creative Lawn Edge Finish

artificial lawn

The finish is important with any project and to ensure this our installation team cut the borders to the exact dimensions and shape of your garden. This entails ensuring the edges are flush and consistent with obstacles and features within your garden. To prevent waste, it is essential that the grass cutting is perfect first time as precision is crucial to enable your artificial lawn to look its very best.


Artificial Grass Seaming


Artificial grass comes in rolls and are available as 2 or 4 metre widths. To ensure a professional installation – alignment is key. Each of the rolls of artificial grass must be accurately glued together at the seams, allowing for a seamless appearance making the fake grass look as realistic as a grass lawn.



Dog Run

Artificial lawns are often used intensively, especially when used for sports and is why it is so important that they are installed correctly. Continuous wear and tear can create edges and seams to become loose and end up ruining the lawn. Installed correctly, backed with the superiority and durability of the artificial surface, will allow your lawn to look immaculate for years to come.


The As Good As Grass Treatment

A new garden lawn

We only provide the very best in materials and an exemplary service to match. Expect the finest, non-generic artificial grass, installed in a matter of days in a stress-less interaction with a friendly and professional team. See our artificial grass gallery pages for more examples of perfect lawns from As Good As Grass.


* Please note that As Good As Grass is not associated with the AstroTurf™ brand name or other cheap fake grass suppliers. Many people use Astro turf as a general expression. Our company can supply you with artificial grass.