Wet pour is a synthetic rubber. The rubber granulate is bound in polyurethane resin to form a continuous and seamless surface. Due to its anti-slip and impact absorbent properties, wet pour is a popular safety surface used by schools as child friendly playground flooring. However, there is now a superior surface to wet pour.

Wet Pour versus Artificial Grass

Find the best safety flooring solution for your school playground. Before choosing to buy wet pour or artificial grass, you should consider this comparison table.

Artificial Grass Wet Pour Rubber
artificial grass for playground safety flooring wet pour
Artificial grass blends into its environment and does not alter the soft landscape look of natural grass. As Good As Grass is the closest thing to real grass.
Wet pour has a hard landscaping appearance. The flooring surface is not aesthetically pleasing and does not blend into a natural environment.
As Good As Grass offers seven different product types. They consist of soft, luscious and dense artificial grasses full of yarn to create a true soft play area.
The wet pour rubber can be mixed to create a good level of absorbance but will never match the feel of artificial grass. Over mixing the rubber to create a bouncy feel just causes it to crack and degrade quickly.
As Good As Grass playground flooring is designed with holed latex backing to allow water to drain down through the surface into the sub base. There is no need for cambers or run offs.
Wet pour must be laid on a firm, flat base, with good drainage / water run off or the water traps and sits on the surface.
As Good As Grass is environmentally friendly as it is cleaner, greener, and affordable. Artificial grass is suitable for pets and is less likely to flood than real grass. In most cases the products are 100% recyclable.
Wet Pour is a wet mix of recycled shredded black rubber and glue. The top layer (goes down last) is made from coloured virgin rubber granules EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber).
Artificial Grass Cost
Surprisingly, artificial gras is cheaper than wet pour. As Good As Grass products are installed with a seven year warranty.
Wet Pour Cost
Wet Pour is the most expensive safety flooring surface and difficult to repair if damaged. Remedial work is costly as a large proportion of the surface needs to be removed.

Playground Flooring Consultancy

Request a free consultancy about your playground flooring surface. As Good As Grass have years of experience with artificial grass and school safety surfaces. Call us today on 0161 207 3007 to discuss your requirements.