General Information

How does the astro turf compare to a real grass lawn?

Any grass lover will make you aware that in order to maintain natural grass you will need lots of skill, experience, time, money, materials and equipment. With an As Good As Grass synthetic lawn and astro turf, your garden requires no maintenance. This ensures that your time is spent relaxing and not on maintaining your garden.

Do you offer a supply and installation service?


Do all grasses require sand in them?

Most of our grasses are designed to be simply rolled out and fixed. We do however recommend sand infill if you have children that play a lot of football or large powerful dogs. The sand adds extra security to the base.

How hard is it to fit astro turf yourself?

With patience you can make a good job of installing your own artificial grass.

What about the size and shape of my garden?

The turf comes in 4m rolls and 2m roll widths and we can get whatever length you require. It is you responsibility to measure the length and width of the garden to calculate what roll width and length you require.

How long will my artificial grass last?

Our grass and astro turf is basically unaffected by the elements. Our astro turf is UV stabilised and water-resistant. Our surface has been installed in different corners of the world from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to excessive rain and even where they are exposed to heat and direct sun. So whether you’re in Warrington or London, your grass will last. We offer a 5 year warranty.

What about maintenance?

Our garden turf is truly maintenance free, you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. Cleaning can be achieved with a brush or leaf blower. You never need to water, mow or roll, your garden just sits there and serves you! This will be even less if you live in a city centre apartment with a balcony like in Manchester.

What is the lifetime of the synthetic surface?

A well maintained astro turf could last well over 20 years.

How does water affect the turf?

The grass has a holed backing allowing water to drain straight through. Rain water naturally cleans the turf and removes any accumulation of dust and dirt.

What are the various applications?

Children’s play surfaces. Mini back garden football / lawn surfaces. Dog friendly surfaces, inside and surrounding conservatories, surrounding water features, swimming pools and hot tubs, for pathways, events, filming, stage shows and exhibitions and many, many more applications.

Which is the best astro turf?

Everyone has their own particular favourites, the grass differs to give a variety of choice and cater for everyones needs.

Would we be able to purchase and lay ourselves?

Yes, no problem, when we take an astro turf order we will make sure you have all the necessary materials to perform a self installation.

Is any weeding required after installation?

Not if you correctly lay the base, as any growth should be killed beforehand. Some very small weeds may grow through the artificial turf, if so just pluck them out.

Can Astro Turf be used as a pathway surface in a garden?

Absolutely. astro turf can be used alongside natural grass to take care of a problematic part of the garden.

Can pests interfere and cause problems?

If you have moles, burrows, rabbit holes or ant nests, these should all be remove before proceeding with any artificial grass lawn installation. We cannot offer further advice, so you should consult a pest control specialist.

Can you park a car or vehicle on artificial turf?

You can park car on astro turf, providing sub-base is prepared correctly. But we would not recommend doing this regularly.

Do you offer real lawn care tips?

Artificial lawns require no maintenance. However we are frequently asked for real lawn care tips! If you have an unhealthy lawn with dead spots, brown grass, bald or bare patches then please visit your local garden centre.

Artificial Grass Installation

What type of a base is required?

Generally we lay on a sand base. If your drainage is poor you require a sand and hardcore base. If your drainage is very good you can lay it directly onto compacted sod. The turf can also be laid on timber floors or any other hard floor. Gravel can also be a suitable base if a layer of sand is applied on top of the gravel and compacted.

How is the astro turf fixed down?

When we install we dig in sub timber frames to nail the artificial grass to. We also raise frames to create a beautiful grass like border.

Can you outline a typical installation procedure?

The real grass lawn should be turfed up and disposed of. Perimeters for the new astro turf lawn should then be determinend. Next, major tree roots and weeds are removed from the soil before base work begins. See the artificial grass installation page for more information on base work, cutting and laying the turf.

How can fake grass be secured to a steep bank or incline?

A wooden frame can be fitted around the perimeter of your installation. This enables the fake turf to be secured by nailing the grass into the frame.

How is it fixed to hard floors?

A special glue we sell.

Will it not feel too solid on a hard floor like concrete?

This depends on the surface you select, if you select a soft bouncy lawn it counteracts the hard floor base.

How long does the installation take?

All gardens depending on size take different time periods but when you place your order we are able to calculate a timescale.

Is it secure?

We have various methods to secure the surface. Certain installations require the support of pre treated wood edges that we can insert attachments onto. We install sand based surfaces that are simply secured by the level of sand infill. We also use pins, which are dropped into the pile and hidden. Whatever method we choose, we secure your lawn to last over 20 years.

How does it drain?

The astro turf has a holed latex backing that allows drainage down into the base.

How does the grass fix to concrete or hard floors?

We sell a glue kit, which consists of the resin and hardener. To cover 15 sq metres costs £25 and 3o sq metres costs £50.

How realistic is it?

Just like our name suggests, it is ‘As Good As Grass’

Does As Good As Grass install or do you use contractors?

We have 2 teams directly employed by As Good As Grass and will go anywhere in the UK to install artificial grass from our Bury HQ.

Is your work guaranteed?

The surface is guaranteed for 5 years.

Where in the UK do you install?

Everywhere. We might be based in Bury, but we also have a dedicated team in Europe too!

The garden is boggy with bad drainage, would this be a problem?

No, it just means you most probably require a hardcore and sand base under the surface.

How quick can you fit me in?

We always hope to give an installation date within the next 4 weeks, if it is only a one day job we should be able to fit it in within a three week period.

Can you lay the grass directly on top soil?

Yes, but the base must be solid, level and compact.

Can you fit the grass to irregular shapes such as circles e.t.c?

Yes, no problem you just need to allow for the extra waste.

Do you install sports turf?

Yes. Look at our products menu to read about artificial grass for use in sport. Not all astro turf is suitable as a sports grass application.

What is rubber infill?

It is small rubber granules that are used to infill synthetic surfaces with open piles. Certain grasses are manufactured with open piles to allow rubber infill, typically sports turfs.

Are infill surfaces better than non-infill surfaces?

It depends on the application. Non sand infill is much better for domestic lawns. We only infill heavy duty commercial sports grasses. Rubber sticks onto clothing and shoes so it is only viable for commercial sports applications.

Which grasses do you infill?

Our sports and mini football grasses.

Do you sell non – infill surfaces?

Yes! Our largest market is non infill lawn grasses. Customers do not want to replace mud with rubber that is difficult to remove from clothes, shows, dog’s and carpet piles. Some companies say rubber is better but the basic fact is rubber covers up a shortage of yarn. Thicker, dense grass does not need rubber.

Can astro turf be installed on wooden decking?

Yes. Some of our customers have expressed concern about the suitability of artificial grass on wood that is prone to excreting resin during hot days. Rest assured, due to a protective foam base this is not a problem. Please see our decking page for photos and information.

Can fake grass be applied to a roof?

Yes. The glue we provide is suitable for sticking the fake grass onto asphalt.

Can synthetic garden flooring be laid over gravel?

When laying your new garden flooring on gravel, make sure the stones are compacted. You will then need to apply a layer of sand before installing the artificial grass.

Would you recommend the use of artificial grass indoors?

Many of our installations are for conservatories, offices and indoor golf putting greens – we especially recommended AGAG 7 for these applications. Bring the outside in with our synthetic grass flooring.

Pet Friendly Surfaces

Is it dog friendly?

Yes. The astro turf has a strong latex backing. We also lightly sand the surface after installation to cover the backing and add further protection. However, you still need to make sure of a few things when it comes to artificial grass for dogs.

What happens when the dog does its mess?

Like a normal lawn you would pick up any large pieces and the small particles will wash down through the grass when it rains.

What about dog urine?

No problem, it washes away and does not discolour the turf.

How tough is it against dogs and cats?

With over 60% of our installations to dog owners and over 150 happy installations a year, we can comfortable say it is safe, secure and durable.

Do pets like the grass?

Over 60% of our installations are to pet owners and this figure grows year on year. We haven’t yet received a complaint, so we can only assume the pets love it. Check out an article we wrote about dog friendly artificial grass. It might help you make your decision.

Does the smell not stay in the grass?

No any sediment drains away when it rains so the grass naturally cleans itself

Child Friendly Play Surfaces

Can the kids play on it?

Yes, we have surfaces that differ in pile height. The taller the pile the softer the lawn or you may choose a short pile surface for ball games. We also have surfaces that have a soft, smooth feel that do not burn the children if they slide. Tufted surfaces are good for children as the tuft acts like a shock pad which cushions a child’s fall.

Is the child friendly turf suitable for nurseries?

Any nursery would benefit from our child friendly synthetic grass. We especially recommend AGAG 4, as it has a curled design thus providing a softer surface. You may also wish to consider our shock pad underlay if you are concerned about critical fall heights.

Does the grass not burn if the kids fall on it

Some short pile sand filled grasses do but we offer long pile sand filled a non sand filled short pile grasses both these grasses are child friendly. You should also go for a polyethylene grass which is soft.

With a lot of children giving the turf heavy wear will it flatten?

The astro turf we recommend for child play areas return to their original position, they do not matt. This is particularly noticeable with samples agag 1 and agag 6. Sample agag 7 has a twisted curl that stops the straight yarn form matting also.

Do you install in a lot of nurseries or primary schools?

Yes, this is one of the strongest parts of our business

Do you not need a shock pad?

No, you may need one if you are fitting a very short pile grass to a hard floor such as concrete

Does the astro turf surface get hot in direct sunlight?

The surface can get warm but you will find walking on the astro turf in bare feet is comfortable.

Football Lawn Surfaces

What is the best surface for football?

Ideally, to play football on astro turf, you require a long pile open grass that accepts a good sand infill.

How long will a the grass last?

Even with constant use by numerous football teams, the turf will last well over 15 years.

Is it similar to the soccer centres and academies?

Yes, they also use long pile open grasses and they fill them with rubber and sand.

Do I need to keep adding sand?

No, the astro turf we use for football pitches retains the sand but we do recommend topping up the level every 3 years

How much sand per sq metre for a soccer grass?

10 – 25kg per sq metre depending on the pile height

My kids are football mad can they play on it in all weathers?

Yes, of course they can. Astro turf is all weather purpose.

Can they play with football boots on?

Yes, as long as they are artificial turf boots or with rubber soles.

How many different types of football grass do you have?

One main football turf that has been tried and tested, it is a 55mm pile height, polyethylene lawn green grass and it comes with a 5 year warranty

How much is the football grass?

£13 a sq metre plus vat

Astro Turf Pricing

Do you come out and give quotes?

To keep the costs down, we encourage clients to call in and go through a quick phone assessment, or email in pics of the garden. Either way we can present you an accurate quote over the phone or by email. As we install over 150 lawns a year we can sufficiently analyse your requirements in a phone call. In some cases a sight visit will be necessary.

How much does the astro turf cost?

Our standard artificial grass product range costs between £15 – £25 a sq metre. We also sell off cuts on eBay for £10 a sq metre. Please note that we do not supply AstroTurf™ registered products and we are not associated in any way with the brand.

What are there differences in price?

It’s because there’s lots of different options, like textures, colours, yarn type, pile height, e.t.c.

How much does the astro turf installation cost?

Our installation service costs between £25 – £30 a sq metre. This is for a complete astro turf solution from arrival on site, excavate and dispose old lawn, perimeters, root control, base work, lay, cut and fit grass, 5 year warranty.

How much does the tape cost?

The tape is sold by linear metre and costs £1 a linear metre.

How much does the glue cost?

The glue costs £7.50 for a 6m stick coverage.

What are your delivery charges?

Usually £45 for a standard roll and £75 for very large rolls.

How long to deliver?

Usually 5-12 days but we can deliver next day on an express service for an additional fee. Please call the office for more details.

What is the ball park cost to buy an average grass and have it fitted?

We suggest you work on £45 a sq metre.

How much would the materials cost to do it myself?

Every job is different, it is better for you to cost that.

Is there an extra charge for a hardcore base?

Not always but generally they cost £5 a sq metre more

Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes, a 5% discount is available.

Do you offer a trade discount?

Yes, we can give 7.5% off full retail prices.

Whats sizes are available?

You can request any grass length with a width of either two or four metres.

Do you send samples of artificial turf?

We can provide free fake grass samples in the post. Please click here to order your free artificial grass sample today.

Is there a minimum order?

Four square metres is the minimum order. However, we can send small size turf samples in the post – see our contact page.