Switching from natural turf to artificial grass has become increasingly popular in homes all across Rochdale in recent years. We offer products for a range of needs, whether that be residential homes, sports fields or children’s playgrounds. Whatever your needs are, we have the products for you.

Maximise your outdoor space

It’s common for grass to dry out and turn brown in the summer. But with an artificial lawn we can guarantee your new garden will be green all year round. Amongst the handful of glorious weather days, the weather that hits Rochdale isn’t always the best, meaning that natural lawns are sometimes left untreated and unusable due to how muddy and wet they get. The synthetic grass As Good As Grass provides allows you to have fun in the garden any day, no matter the weather.

Save your water bills

As the weather gets hotter, there will always be a need to water the grass to ensure it doesn’t dry out and lose its colour. Artificial grass doesn’t need that level of upkeep. You could benefit from up to 70% savings on your water bill when you strip back on watering the garden to keep it green. Our artificial turf keeps its vibrancy and pristine appearance without the need for maintenance, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as well as your water bill.


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