At As Good As Grass, we supply and install artificial grass throughout Oldham. The turf we provide is indistinguishable from real, natural grass and will even improve the aesthetics of your garden without you having to put in the work to keep it maintained.

Invest in your property

Available in a range of lengths and textures, the artificial turf we have to offer lasts over 15 years. Imagine over a decade of having to not cut, water or weed your grass.

The investment will keep your garden in immaculate condition, something that is a great benefit for those who are away a lot or simply don’t have the time to put in the work that natural grass needs. In the end, you’ll save yourself both time and money.

The safest choice for children

Worried about your kids falling on hard surfaces and injuring themselves? That’s why the As Good As Grass Kids Play artificial grass is one of our most popular products. Children love to run, jump and climb any chance they get, and with our turf, the chances of those action ending in tears are drastically reduced because of the soft surface.


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