Our safety flooring can be applied as an underlay to any synthetic surface including rubber, tarmac, concrete or artificial grass. The following groups can benefit from our safety flooring solutions:

  • Children participating in sport or in the playground.
  • Players and athletes in any sport.
  • Landscapers.

School Playground Flooring

school and playground flooring
Many school playgrounds and parks require safety features for the grounds on which children play; the HIC (head injury criterion) is one such safety requirement. Our high performance foam provides state-of-the-art children’s playground flooring for safety conscious schools.


Sports Surface

Sports surface
Athletes can enjoy improved fitness and less injuries with our sports shock pad. The air cushioned foam provides a superior running surface due to reduced impact absorbtion on the athlete’s body. Furthermore, any risks of injury are significantly reduced by the softer sports grass surface..


Landscape Flooring

Garden and landscape flooring
Landscaping is often hindered by a poor sub-base on which outdoor flooring is being laid. Our leisure pads provide stability, comfort and safety without the need for extensive groundwork. Many architects are now investing in safety flooring to reduce the costs and effort of landscape flooring projects.



Biomechanics in artificial turf systems for sport
Biomechanics is the study of movement in living organisms. It is understood that applied loads and deformations can effect the properties of living tissues. Our research into artificial turf systems with shock pads now allows players and athletes to fulfill their potential.


Critical Fall Height

Critical fall height
A range of safety flooring systems have been developed and tested in order to meet critical fall height regulations. Such developments include the kind of foam, thickness, density, type of artificial grass installation and amount of infill needed in order to achieve the necessary results.


Additional Safety Information

Health and Safety – Government guidelines.
British Safety Council – Safety and risk assessments.