The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pet Owners

Here at AGAG, we have so many owners of dogs and pets in general that want to know whether artificial grass is safe and most importantly; is it worth it?

The simple answer is 100% yes! However, when pet owners have decided that this is the way they want to go, they need to make sure they look out for some key elements, like how hard wearing it is and whether it’s free from toxins. The market is flooded with dog friendly fake turf products, but we can safely say that we offer one of the best synthetic grasses on the market.

So, why change from natural turf to artificial grass for your dogs?

Well, for a start, say goodbye to muddy paws!

Every homeowner has the nightmare task of keeping their house clean. Don’t add to the issue with mud from your garden. It’s impossible for us to guarantee a spotless house (some people just like clutter too much), but by replacing natural turf for a synthetic surface in the garden, your pet can play until their heart’s content, which will save you valuable time cleaning them down before they come back in.

Your grass will look freshly cut all year round

Think how much time, blood, sweat and sometimes tears are involved in the upkeep of natural lawns. And you still get moss! With artificial grass there’s little to no maintenance at all and it will still look as green as a freshly cut grass, which means money saved!

Clean with ease

Even with dogs, cleaning an artificial lawn is a pretty easy thing to do. All you need to do is hose it down to remove any excess urine or poop. As long as you have a polyurethane grass, which utilises urine resistant materials, your pet’s urine won’t cause any harmful toxins.

During most of the year (in the north), the rain should take care of the clean-up, but in the summer, as the weather becomes warmer and rain less frequent, you will need to take the extra step to ensure your lawn doesn’t smell unpleasant or become discoloured.

Dog digging in garden

Dig, dig, dig, dig

Don’t let your pet turn your garden into something that resembles moon craters more. Whether it’s digging up your turf for prey or because they’re bored, dogs and cats can cause a real mess.

When artificial grass is installed by professionals, these days will be long gone, but it’s always worth asking the installer what measures they will put in place to make sure the surface can’t be dug up so that it’s safe and dog friendly.

Look No Further…

We don’t think owners of dogs and cats should have to choose between a great looking garden and a happy animal. With our pet and dog friendly artificial grass, your animals will absolutely love to play and relax all day long on our soft, yet durable lawns.

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