As Good As Grass Editor: Insurance for your home and garden contents is highly recommended. Most artificial lawns have a five year warranty but now you can get insurance for even more protection, including your garden ornaments and any equipment stored in your shed.

With grave problems such as the greenhouse effect and economic hardship affecting our lives every day, there are several pressing reasons why one’s home and its contents might be vulnerable to damage. Recently, the Environment Agency warned that one in every six homes in the UK was at risk of unusual flooding. In addition, the recession, causing a massive wave of unemployment, seems to have resulted in an increase in domestic burglaries throughout England and Wales. Official quarterly crime figures published by the London police in April 2009 revealed an unexpected 25% increase in personal theft and a 4% rise in home burglaries.

It is therefore important to get reliable insurance for your home building and its contents. With a flexible insurance plan that suits your needs and circumstances, you’ll be able to safeguard against unexpected accidents and emergencies, from fires, storms and floods to theft, vandalism and burst pipes. You’ll also be able to get some cover for the cost of alternative accommodation should you need to stay elsewhere while parts of your own home are being repaired.


The garden and its contents are not always at the forefront of one’s mind when purchasing home insurance. However, the theft of ornaments such as garden pots, sun-dials, fountains, statues and gnomes could incur massive financial and emotional costs. Worse still, damages done to more permanent garden fixtures like artificial grass and outdoor synthetic carpets would incur both a finincial loss and the inconvenience of time and thought you spent on getting them professionally installed.

Thankfully, many insurance companies now have good value insurance plans that include cover against damage to your garden and theft of its ornaments. With Kwik Fit’s contents insurance you get up to £500 cover on items in your garden. The company’s building insurance also covers the structure of your home including garden gates, hedges and walls as well as outdoor fixtures within your home’s boundaries – things like garages, sheds and playhouses. Look at Kwik Fit Insurance’s website to see what’s on offer. A 15% discount is available when combining your cover with contents insurance.

Though your garden and its contents might not be foremost when it comes to home insurance, you never know when you might need it. Purchasing good building and contents insurance cover will afford you peace of mind.