As Good As Grass Editor: Artificial lawns typically have good warranty cover but insurance is also avaialble to provide additional security. Should your locality suffer from flooding or fire damage, you can recover the losses if you have sufficient home and garden insurance cover. You can also be protected against theft and vandalism.

Imagine that you’ve gone on holiday for three weeks. You’ve returned home tired from the airport, looking forward to sitting down with a drink and watching your favourite episodes from your selection of DVDs. But to your dismay, the television, DVD player, your favourite box sets and several other valuable items from your home have been stolen. You forgot to fix that faulty lock on the window downstairs.

Official quarterly crime figures published by the London police in April 2009 revealed an unexpected 25% increase in personal theft and a 4% rise in home burglaries. With statistics such as these, it appears there is necessity for you to buy a good insurance plan for the contents of your home. Doing so will allow you to safeguard against unexpected accidents – not just thefts and vandalism, but also damage caused by unusual weather, such as floods and fires.

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Unfortunately, when taking out home contents insurance, many people don’t take sufficient care to insure valuable items outside the building. These valuables can include possessions carried on their persons such as bracelets, rings and watches, or items which might have been left at work, like laptops. Such belongings can also include your garden’s contents, from fountains and statues to flower-pots and artificial grass.

It is therefore encouraging to know that several major insurance companies now offer contents insurance, which gives cover for the valuables outside your home and in the garden. Look at the Kwik Fit Insurance site as an example and read their home insurance offerings – you get cover for the items in your garden and have the option of adding more should your garden include quite a number of expensive items. Kwik Fit Insurance also offers an “Optional Personal Possessions Cover”, which includes belongings such as bicycles as well as your money and valuables like jewellery and laptops when you’re away from home, at work, on a weekend trip or abroad.

Insuring against the theft of your valuables is obviously a big must for any forward thinking person. Choosing an insurance plan that covers the valuables inside your home and outside (including the garden) will help you to completely eliminate anxiety.