Rugby Turf for Everyone

As Good As Grass provide artificial turf systems to meet all your rugby requirements. Applications can include a sevens rugby pitch, all weather pitch, training grounds and professional rugby fields.

  • Professional Rugby
  • Sevens Rugby
  • School Rugby
  • All Weather Pitch

With five years experience in the artificial turf industry you know that Sports Grass can provide a quality playing field installation for your rugby team.

Artificial Rugby Pitches

With the evolution of synthetic surfaces over recent years the opportunity for improving the playability of the Rugby field has never been better. Just imagine training and playing without the thought of sliding around in cold and wet mud.

Sports Grass has researched the development, installation and maintenance of artificial sports surfaces suitable for the overall improvement of your game. Our latest products have been developed to specifically improve issues like sliding resistance, shock absorption and comfort of the players.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Rugby pitches with real grass can only endure a set amount of hours of play time before the surface becomes worn. The negative effects can include bald patches, muddy areas, faded line markings and an inconsistent surface.

Artificial turf systems in rugby benefit from approximately twice as much play time per week before any maintenance is required. Maintenance simply includes brushing, basic testing and sanitation.

General benefits

Artificial turf has several advantages over real grass:

  • Green all year round
  • Low maintenance
  • UV stable
  • Meets EU requirements with no harmful chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly with recycled materials

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