Tennis Grass for Everyone

As Good As Grass provide artificial grass systems to meet all your tennis requirements. Applications can include a lawn tennis court, indoor tennis or professional tennis court facilities.

  • Professional Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis
  • School Tennis
  • Short Tennis

With over 13 years experience in the artificial grass industry you know that Sports Grass can provide a quality court installation for your tennis team.

Artificial Tennis Courts

Artificial grass is as a good alternative to real grass in lawn tennis. Bald patches, water logging and faded line markings are things of the past with superior artificial grass lawn tennis courts.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Tennis courts with real grass can only endure a set amount of hours of play time before the surface becomes worn. The negative effects can include bald patches, muddy areas, faded line markings and an inconsistent surface.

Artificial grass systems in tennis benefit from approximately twice as much play time per week before any maintenance is required. Maintenance simply includes brushing, basic testing and sanitation.

General benefits

Artificial grass has several advantages over real grass:

  • Green all year round
  • Low maintenance
  • UV stable
  • Meets EU requirements with no harmful chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly with recycled materials

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