As Good As Grass Editor: Alliance & Leister have kindly provided finance ideas that could help to fund your new garden project. Soon you can be enjoying your brand new artificial lawn to the envy of all your neighbours. Start saving today!

If you’re enthusiastic to start a garden makeover but the recession has hit your bank account hard then don’t panic. With some forward planning and a little financial know-how, the garden of your dreams can still be within reach.

Super savings: It might be a slow process, but the best way to accrue the finance for an overhaul of your outdoor space is through savvy saving. Despite currently low interest rates, you can still get a decent return on your capital if you choose the right account. Look at the deals on offer from different financial providers, and consider locking your money away for a number of years in order to take advantage of the most favourable rates.

Personal loans: If you can’t wait to get started on your dream garden then steady saving may not be an option. Instead, think about taking out a personal loan to fund the project. This is where low interest rates will work in your favour – many banks are offering great deals on loans to customers with good credit ratings so borrowing a lump sum shouldn’t cost you the earth. Another option is to consider finance deals available from garden retailers but these deals will have slightly higher interest rate than a loan directly from your bank.

finance a new garden

Re-mortgaging: If you’re considering embarking on a truly ambitious garden project, then it may be necessary to re-mortgage your house in order to obtain the necessary finance. This could be a savvy move, particularly if you switch your mortgage to a bank such as Alliance & Leicester which offers low interest rates on mortgages. With the right forward planning, it could be possible to borrow an additional lump sum without increasing your monthly payments.

Step by step: Of course, not everybody is comfortable with increasing their debt in order to beautify their outdoor space. If you’re unable to obtain a lump sum, then an alternative option is to carry out your garden makeover step by step. List the changes you want to make in order of priority and tackle each task on the list as and when you are able to afford it. Perhaps a step by step approach won’t produce the dramatic results that you were looking for overnight but it will enable you to achieve a great look without breaking the bank.